Strange Bedfellows (3)

PROD # DS9269
EP # 19
TZ Release: 08/07/2016
US Airdate: 21/04/1999

There are
seven episodes left in the amazing series of Deep Space Nine. This is The Final Chapter.
While the Breen join the Dominion Alliance, Kai Winn learns the truth about her vision and Ezri and Worf find an unlikely ally on Cardassia Prime.

The Trekzone Review

While their fate was never really in doubt, Worf and Ezri manage their escape two episodes after they were captured, and their relationship is finally resolved… they know that they are friends and nothing more. Meanwhile, Kai Winn comes full circle and goes all crazy with power, even despite knowing the Pah’Wraiths are behind her visions.

And for Sisko, following Martok’s advice, begins the war that is home life.

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