Such Sweet Sorrow

EP # 13
TZ Release: 13/04/2019
US Airdate: 11/04/2019
Stardate 1050.8

Discovery prepares for her ultimate test as Control-operated Section 31 ships close in on her from all sides.

The Trekzone Review

I don’t know whether the orchestra can hold this crescendo for as long as the story demands, but they’ll give it a red hot crack. We pick up right where we left off – preparing to meet the Enterprise to abandon ship and destroy the sphere data (not the sphere weapon, that’s the other series.)

For whatever reason, Bryan Fuller decided to set Discovery in the “unknown” time ten years before Kirk – like we needed another series set before the “start” of the franchise. And while it’s been fun to take this ride, I’m glad that Alex Kurtzman decided to steer the show in this presumed new direction – righting some of the “wrongs” in canon (everyone can use a makeover though, right?) and shrouding the advanced technology in enough shades of grey to make their continued use nonviable while jumping the remaining tech far into the future.

It would be the biggest change between seasons for any Trek series and one that would serve Discovery really well – especially as we are about to launch into the new Picard series, set twenty years after TNG… do they meet? Can they meet? Should they meet?

Anyway – back to this first part of the finale, the crew gave up too easily to destroy the ship – there’s more things than photon torpedoes that can blow a hull to smithereens. Flying it in an atmosphere maybe? A sun perhaps?

The Enterprise bridge is a beautiful homage to the original, while bringing forth the updated look of actual monitors, control panels and sounds. Surely they haven’t gone to all this trouble for two episodes? #MakeAnsonGreatAgain.

Next week then…?

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