Such Sweet Sorrow: Part II

EP # 14
TZ Release: 20/04/2019
US Airdate: 18/04/2019
Stardate Unknown

As Discovery and Enterprise battle the Control-led ships of Section 31, Burnham and Spock must work out a way of sending the ship – and the Sphere data – into the future.

The Trekzone Review

Wowee. This is the episode where the writers and show runners – the fourth.. or fifth? iteration of the group, and now the stable force moving forward – got together and worked out exactly what stories they wanted to tell and how they were going to get past all of the nitty gritty stuff that Bryan Fuller had created then lumped the show with. No longer will we be stuck ten years before Kirk, no longer would died-in-the-wool fans have canon inconsistencies to hold onto… we’re off to the future. Leaving the Section 31 show to continue this decade in the shadows and Picard to return to teach us about the 2380’s.

There were some quality character moments – those moments that make me roll my eyes and check my social media feed, but are none-the-less important to the storyline… and there were homages a-plenty to what’s come before in the franchise … from TMP’s warp effect to Voyager (and Defiant’s) impaled torpedo-in-the-hull-with-no-quick-fix. We learnt why Spock embraced the chaotic Kirk so well, why Section 31 went underground (that Admiral’s coming back right? He’s going to be the leader right?) and just why no one has ever spoken about that great fanciful ship that basically made warp drive obsolete.

How does Phillipa Georgiou on board Discovery during the time jump affect her upcoming series? Is Discovery not as far into the future? Is there a way back to 2157 for her?

And what of Discovery? It’s fantastic that we don’t know… it means the writers can spend the hiatus creating an entirely new experience, without having to rush it in to the final moments of the season.

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