EP # 15
TZ Release: 19/05/2015
US Airdate: 15/02/1993
Stardate Unknown

Following an attack on an away mission, Picard is mortally wounded and finds Q waiting for him in ‘the afterlife.’ The omnipotent being offers the Captain a chance to change a critical moment in his past…

The Trekzone Review

Amazing attention to detail in the past with the uniforms and characters, Picard in his youth was a very interesting man and sometimes it takes a critical moment in your life to change everything you do. I can’t imagine our Captain being this brash man or even the ‘play it safe officer’ as he encounters the Borg, the Romulans and countless other adversaries.

It’s an interesting analysis on what choices you have in your life, and how they change the person you will become. Not just as a teenager, or young adult… but throughout your life.

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