The Adversary

PROD # DS9172
EP # 26
TZ Release: 19/07/2015
US Airdate: 25/06/1995
Stardate 48959.1

Following Sisko’s promotion to Captain, the crew is tasked with patrol duty along the Tzenkethi border following the Coup d’‚tat of the government. However, the lines between allies and enemies is not black and white…

The Trekzone Review

An enigma wrapped in a mystery, sealed with suspicion. This is one of three episodes to really cement Deep Space Nine’s place as it’s own entity in the franchise. (The others being The Maquis, The Jem’Hadar and The Search.)

Sisko gets promoted, the Changlings infiltrate the Federation Diplomatic corps and our crew almost starts a war with another alien race that have apparently not been friendly to us for many years. The seeds for the remainder of the series are planted here – one action leading to another, the conflict with the Klingons leads to the Cardassians seeking out the Dominion, which leads to the Dominion War.

By the way… that’s how you end a season – not with a big battle, not with a massive cliffhanger… but with three simple words – WE ARE EVERYWHERE. Roll credits, see you next season!

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