The Ascent

PROD # DS9207
EP # 09
TZ Release: 04/10/2015
US Airdate: 25/11/1996

Following their crash landing on an inhospitable planet, Odo and Quark must work together to survive. Meanwhile, Nog returns to begin his sophmore year training and moves in to new quarters with Jake…

The Trekzone Review

The only episode to actually feature the Odo-Quark dynamic in full swing as they crash land on a frigid planet and the only hope of rescue is to climb a mountain and activate the emergency beacon. The pair come to an even more begrudgingly relationship.

For Nog and Jake, the last year has proven to be an even bigger change then they’ll care to admit… but being best friends means that you eventually learn to work out your problems and resume being friends. This is your typical DS9 episode, focusing on the characters.

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