The Assignment

PROD # DS9203
EP # 05
TZ Release: 30/09/2015
US Airdate: 28/10/1996
Stardate 49195.5

Returning from a trip to the Fire Caves on Bajor, Keiko forces Miles to complete a series of increasingly suspicious tasks, when the Chief enlists Rom’s help they discover that the modifications are aimed at the wormhole…

The Trekzone Review

Wowee, I’m pretty sure this is the first mention of the Pah’Wraiths, the Fire Caves and the eons-long battle between the Prophets and their enemies, the Pah’Wraiths. Thank goodness O’Brien enlisted Rom otherwise our Chief wouldn’t have been able to get the information about the correct legend from Bajoran history.

Aside from that really obvious plot convenience this was a great ‘O’Brien must suffer’ episode that set a cracking pace in the first act and didn’t let up.

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