The Begotten

PROD # DS9210
EP # 12
TZ Release: 07/10/2015
US Airdate: 27/01/1997

As Odo tries to nurse a sick baby changling to health with the assistance of Dr. Mora, Kira gives birth to the O’Brien’s baby…

The Trekzone Review

The one where Odo got his mojo back, and Kira gave birth to the baby that wasn’t hers, the one she didn’t want but now couldn’t imagine not having. Balancing the humour between Miles and Shakaar with the delicate Bajoran delivery was great writing and acting and it was fun to see.

Meanwhile, down the corridor and past the bulkhead Odo was coming to the realisation that his upbringing wasn’t all that bad and in fact he has a lot to be thankful for… being a single man, I’m assuming all children who become first time parents have similiar emotions.

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