The Best of Both Worlds: Part II

EP # 01
TZ Release: 06/08/2013
US Airdate: 24/09/1990

Having failed to destroy the Borg cube, the Enterprise is disabled while the unstoppable foe hurtles towards Earth. And after the Battle of Wolf 359, Riker and crew must fight against all of Picard’s knowledge – stolen by the Borg – to save the Federation from certain assimilation…

The Trekzone Review

More establishment for the Borg, but this is pretty much the only episode where we just don’t know how to stop them. In the future we’ll have Picard giving us exactly what we need at the right time to stop the Borg. For now though, this was a blast from the past and a very enjoyable episode.

We finally see a bit of serialisation creep into the series, with the feelings Picard will keep for a long time about his time as Locutus.

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