The Changing Face of Evil (4)

PROD # DS9270
EP # 20
TZ Release: 08/08/2016
US Airdate: 28/04/1999

There are only six episodes left in the amazing series of Deep Space Nine. This is The Final Chapter.
Following an attack on Starfleet Headquarters by the Breen, the mysterious new ally aid the Dominion in reclaiming the Chin’Toka system, the loss of that system is compounded for our crew with the destruction of the Defiant. Meanwhile, Dukat’s true identity is revealed to Winn…

The Trekzone Review

Nothing like a big battle to tell you how messed up things are becoming, and just like the second season closer where a Galaxy-class starship was destroyed to show how powerful the Jem’Hadar are, so to is the Defiant used in this case to demonstrate the capabilities of the Breen.

Before that, though, our two war prisoners adjust to their new relationship status as Ezri pines for the good Doctor much to Worf’s confusion. Winn’s turn ‘to the dark side’ is complete and Dukat’s true identity is revealed by the background actor that became a key component in our hatred for the Kai.

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