The Darkness and the Light

PROD # DS9209
EP # 11
TZ Release: 06/10/2015
US Airdate: 06/01/1997
Stardate Unknown

Kira’s former resistance cell members are murdered one by one, unwilling to sit by and wait for the murderer to target her, Kira puts the O’Brien’s baby at risk and pursues the killer…

The Trekzone Review

The great thing about Deep Space Nine is that the action doesn’t need to be in an epic space battle, but rather focusing on the characters, digging deep into their past to learn more about who they have become and why they became that way.

For Kira, her time in the resistance was about beating the Cardassian occupiers and forcing them to leave her home… but for this Cardassian murderer, Kira was little more than a terrorist.

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