The Enterprise Incident

EP # 02
TZ Release: 01/04/2015
US Airdate: 20/12/1968
Stardate 5027.3

Seemingly acting restless and irrational, Captain Kirk orders the Enterprise into Romulan space where the ship is quickly captured by the enigmatic enemy…

The Trekzone Review

A great episode almost ripped from the headlines of the U.S.S. Pueblo incident – where she drifted into North Korean waters during the Vietnam War and was captured. Eventually her crew was released back to the US, but the ship still sits captured.

This is the first time we see Starfleet pull off an espionage mission, almost as if to say not everything is rosey and our good guys must resort to trickery and deception to get the information they need. This time Spock almost got the girl!

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