The Expanse

PROD # ENT 152
EP # 26
TZ Release: 01/11/2012
US Airdate: 21/05/2003
Apr 24 2153

Following a devastating attack on Earth which leaves over seven million dead from Florida to Venezuela, Enterprise is recalled. After being given information from “Future Guy” about the identity of the attackers… Archer convinces Starfleet that another attack is imminent and Enterprise needs to find them first…

The Trekzone Review

Enterprise battles the war on terror… err, embarks on a mission to find the Xindi. Despite that, this is where the series got interesting. A season long arc has never been attempted in Trek… and the results kept me hooked!

Allan Kroeker was the man called upon to direct the truly epic episodes of Trek, and he delivered in spades here yet again. Looking at the episode for only the second time, with the pair of directing eyes I now have, his choice of camera movements and angles gave the feeling that you were there aboard ship, watching our heroes deal with the loss of seven million people – and get frustrated by Duras’ constant interruptions!

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