The Final Frontier

EP # 05
TZ Release: 27/06/2018
US Airdate: 09/06/1989
Stardate 8454.1

The new refit-Enterprise is tasked with investigating a hostage situation on the ‘planet of galactic peace’ – Nimbus III. What Kirk, Spock and McCoy find, however, is a ruse designed to lure a starship to take Spock’s half brother, the Vulcan outcast named Sybok, beyond the galactic barrier to find Sha Ka Ree or Eden, in Earth mythology…

The Trekzone Review

Alrighty, it’s universally agreed that this is the worst Star Trek movie of them all… probably even more so than the reboot movies (from a cannon loving Trekkie’s point of view.) So I’m going to look past that for this review, because otherwise it’ll be a short summary.

This movie is the strongest of them all for our beloved senior staff, they’ve been through the hell of Spock’s death and reunification with his katra, they’ve beaten Kahn once and for all, they’ve saved the planet Earth yet again by bringing back some whales and now they’re just Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov out patrolling the galaxy once again in their still-needs-building ship. This is a mission, just like those other seventy nine they went on during the 2260’s.

The addition of Spock’s half-brother is a surprise, but watching this movie after Discovery allows me to suspend the disbelief and understand that you don’t always need to discuss everything during the mission – perhaps Burnham was discussed in between missions of the original show? We don’t know… because it’s a fictional show! Sybok, though, falls flat as a character… to me he’s just there to raise the stakes slightly for Spock, but it’s just not lived up to.

The CGI goes begging in this one, the technology too is caught between what was and what is to come in the now-on-the-air Next Generation‘s 24th century. With that said, it’s a good step forward in the advancement, even if it is short lived in this movie and the next…

Quote of the original series movie’s has to go to Kirk:
‘Excuse me, what does God need with a starship!?’

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