The Forgotten

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5 episodes to go in the “Hunt for the Super Weapon.”

Two high ranking Xindi offer to stop the launch of the weapon if Archer can prove his case?

The Trekzone Review

Finally in Star Trek do we see battle damage carry over in successive episodes, and the crew dealing with losing colleagues.

Watch for the cameo by Seth Macfarlane! (creator of Family Guy et all…)

Cast and Crew


Scott Bakula

Jolene Blalock as T’Pol

Connor Trinneer as Charles Tucker III

Dominic Keating as Phlox

John Billingsley as Phlox

Anthony Montgomery as Travis Mayweather

Linda Park as Hoshi Sato

Guest Cast

Randy Oglesby

Rick Worthy

Bob Morrisey

Seth Macfarlane

Story By

Chris Black

David A. Goodman

Directed By

Levar Burton

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