The House of Quark

PROD # DS9149
EP # 03
TZ Release: 26/06/2015
US Airdate: 10/10/1994
Stardate 48224.2

Following an accidental but fatal confrontation with a drunk Klingon, Quark plays on the curiosity of patrons to improve his ailing sales… but things get difficult when the Klingon’s widow abducts him and forces him into marriage to secure the future of her house…

The Trekzone Review

Well after three fairly hefty episodes we needed some escapism didn’t we? Miles find Keiko upset at closing the school because everyone’s moving back to Bajor… and Quark capitalises on the stupidity of a drunken Klingon to drive customers to the bar.

While Miles plays things straight, trying to woo his partner with dinner, flowers and holosuite time… Quark lies about the incident and finds himself on Qo’nos helping the widow win the title to her house. It was fun, it was character driven… but it wasn’t all there after such great series establishing episodes.

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