The Lights of Zetar

EP # 18
TZ Release: 12/04/2015
US Airdate: 31/01/1969

En route to Memory Alpha, the Enterprise detects an apparent storm approaching at warp speed. Bypassing the shields and penetrating the ship… various crewmembers report various paralysis effects…

The Trekzone Review

Oh boy, trying to give Scotty a love interest is like trying to take a Targ for a walk, you know it should happen but danged if it’s going to be easy. This wasn’t easy, it was painful. There was just no danger in this episode and the conflict with those alien beings was all wrapped up in the last five minutes.

I’m sad to say, but the third season has been a big let down, but not because of any of the cast… something in the production isn’t working and it’s tearing everything down.

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