The Measure of a Man

EP # 09
TZ Release: 16/06/2013
US Airdate: 13/02/1989
Stardate 42523.7

The question of Commander Data’s sentience is raised when a brash Starfleet scientist requests that he disassemble Data to study his positronic brain… in the hopes of a Data-like android on every ship in the fleet.

The Trekzone Review

Thanks to the BluRay release, I enjoyed the extended cut of this episode…

An episode about morals, and an illusion to The Doctor. My question is what ever happened to the precedent set from this episode? Is Starfleet still so close minded that the rights of an Android don’t even come to the fore when creating a hologram to serve in sickbay’s?

Data made a very good point at the beginning of this episode, if LaForge’s eyes are so much better than a humans… why doesn’t everyone have a pair?

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