The Nagus

PROD # DS9111
EP # 10
TZ Release: 19/03/2013
US Airdate: 21/03/1993
Stardate Unknown

Grand Nagus Zek, the leader of the Ferengi, names Quark as his successor, making the bartender an instant target for assassination…

The Trekzone Review

After the attempt to set them up as enemies in the early days, The Next Generation then made the Ferengi a sort of comical relief element. But now that we have a permanent Ferengi bar on Deep Space Nine eventually we had to come to an episode like this.

The Nagus, in my view, addresses the comical side of the Ferengi but also starts to stear them in a more serious tone… plotting and scheming like a good 20th century Wall St banker. We also, thankfully, get an inkling of just what Rom is capable of. “Rom’s… nice name for a bar!”

The Trekzone Recap

A mysterious figure disembarks from a ship and as he slowly makes his way out we see Quark berating Rom for returning money to a customer (in tact!) – as punishment he is clean all of the railing.

In a sign of how clever he is, he finds fault in Nog and passes the cleaning to him. The mysterious figure enters the bar, and learn that it’s actually Grand Nagus Zek! After the long voyage, the Nagus would like time in a holosuite.

In the classroom, Miles enters to a rowdy group of kids mucking about. Jake and Nog are the last to settle, and when O’Brien asks for homework from Nog… he makes an excuse that Vulcans stole it – a lie he gets Jake to confirm.

Back in the bar, Quark is nervous… he’s afraid the Nagus is going to buy him out – what other reason could there be for coming all this way? As the Nagus exits the holosuite, Quark offers Rom’s quarters and Zek asks to be invited to dinner.

In Ops, Sisko asks O’Brien about school… who notes the friendship between Nog and Jake is not a great idea. The two fathers compare notes about children, Sisko finishing by telling Miles to wait until Molly turns fourteen.

In Quarks quarters, the unlikely dinner guests sit down to some tube grubs. Quark then receives high praise from the Nagus about his ruthlessness in business. Nog, in the background, asks to be excused to do his homework – which is met by disgust from the Nagus… so Rom tells him he can’t attend any more.

In Ops, Kira and Sisko note three Ferengi ships have arrived… the first officer suggests locking up the silverware, while Dax ponders that it maybe Quark’s birthday. On the Promenade, Odo is already aware of the visitors.

Quark’s is closed, as all these Ferengi gather around a table. And as the group sit around the table and Zek, Quark sits at the bar. Back on the promenade, Nog and Jake get upset about school. It seems that even though Nog says he shouldn’t attend according to tradition, he wants to learn more.

In Quark’s, the meeting is well on the way – the Nagus talks about how opportunities in the Alpha Quadrant are drying up, and the Ferengi reputation is tainted. So it’s time to expand to the Gamma Quadrant!

Zek says that he is too old to carry the Ferengi to the new trading routes, so he nominates Quark to replace him! Much to the disgust of everyone in the room, and they all leave.

In the Sisko quarters, Jake is playing with his oatmeal… he’s lost his appetite because he’s worried about Nog. Sisko tells his son about differences between Ferengi and Humans, maybe it was destined to fail. Jake doesn’t take that well and leaves.

On the Promenade, Grand Nagus Quark walks along as Groll suggests he become the Nagus’ bodyguard. This scares Quark, who didn’t think about that side of it!

Quark goes to see Zek for advice… but he passes away after giving him some advice. Back in the bar, Rom suggests he take over the bar much to raucous laughter of Quark.

Odo enters and demands answers about Zek’s death, insisting he get Bashir to perform an autopsy… but the body has been vacuum desicated and each piece is being sold off!

On the Promenade, Nog and Jake hang over the railing… and agree to remain friends. While back in Quarks, the new Nagus spots currency on the floor and he ducks to pick it up as a Ferengi locator bomb hones in and explodes.

A short time later, in the infirmary, Odo and Sisko demand answers… but Quark stonewalls. But the Constable notes that Zek’s servant not to be at the funeral is odd… they are usually very dedicated.

In Sisko’s quarters, Dax enters as he sits there waiting for Jake to start dinner. Dax suggests he go find his son and bring him home – but after walking silently into a cargo bay Ben sees Jake teaching Nog to read.

In Quark’s quarters, Rom is dressing his brother… they are getting ready to go to the Gamma Quadrant. After one final attempt to take over the bar, Rom escorts Quark out. And as Odo follows Maihar’Du along the Promenade, Quark, Rom and Crax arrive at a docking port… but as Quark enters they seal the door, in an attempt to kill him. And after some taunting, just as Rom is about to open the outer door Zek orders his release!

Zek explains that this was all a test for Crax, the Nagus entered a sleep trance that Maihar’Du taught him. Zek explains that Crax should’ve quietly taken over control over time. “It’s like talking to a Klingon” … gold!

Quark hands the septre back to Zek, who says that he’s done a very profitable job with the bar and that he may come back and buy it one day!

Quark commends Rom for his treachery, and makes him the “Assistant Manager for Policy and Clientele.” And on the promenade, Jake and Nog agree to meet after school.

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