The Naked Now

EP # 02
TZ Release: 16/05/2013
US Airdate: 05/10/1987

Investigating confusing communications from a science vessel researching a collapsing star, the Enterprise crew becomes infected by an intoxicating disease… as the crew members lose their inhibitions, the ship is pulled towards the star.

The Trekzone Review

It’s quite funny, watching this episode in high definition makes it seem less… I dunno, less 80’s… as with the future spin off series though, these nonsensical episodes help to build the base for a great series. Ah, and the good ol’ classic dramatic “sting” music can be heard!

In regards to that less 80’s comment, the Picard / Crusher interaction was more humurous rather than cringeworthy. Plus, I’m still in awe of the quality of the transfer, almost as if it was made in this television season.

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