The Omega Directive

EP # 21
TZ Release: 19/11/2015
US Airdate: 15/04/1998
Stardate 51781.2

After passing through a shock wave, Janeway modifies a top secret Starfleet directive for their unique situation…

The Trekzone Review

We learn a few things in this episode – the Omega Directive, more ‘cannonical’ acknowledgment that the Borg learn through assimilation (learning of Starfleet’s directive.) And this is the first time the Prime Directive has been officially rescinded for the duration of the mission.

Seven and Janeway, even through their testy relationship still needs some fine tuning, enjoy some great moments in this episode which is nice and as for our Captain she learns that she can trust her senior staff. Meanwhile for Seven, this is an important step forward for her as she chases her idea of perfection, the Borg’s holy grail as it were and in the process ends up a little closer to Janeway…

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