The Pegasus

EP # 12
TZ Release: 07/06/2015
US Airdate: 10/01/1994
Stardate 47457.1

As the Enterprise searches for the starship Pegasus, lost twelve years ago, Admiral Pressman… Riker’s former CO… comes aboard to complete a secrete mission, one that started all those years ago.

The Trekzone Review

The episode that apparently needed a follow up, and that follow up ruined the ending of a great series. Anyway, this episode was great with plenty of tension and for about half the episode you were left wondering just what was so bad that causes Riker to have a crisis of conscious… I guess I can understand why he’d want to retreat to the holodeck to work out his feelings – but why Enterprise!?

Elsewhere, Terry O’Quinn is a fantastic actor and delivers a quality performance here. Was he working for Section 31? Was Section 31 behind the burying of the report? So many questions, that a follow up (forward, not backward in time) should’ve been required…

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