The Search: Part II

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On his homeworld Odo becomes acquainted with his people, xenophobes who distrust ‘monoforms.’ Meanwhile back at DS9, Sisko learns that the price the Federation is willing to pay for freedom may be too high but all is not as it seems…

The Trekzone Review

The climax of the beginning of the Deep Space Nine story… and it was full of twists, turns and excitement. You are left guessing for almost thirty five solid minutes as to just what the hell is going on, and is the Federation really giving up Bajor?

Sisko expresses, for the first time, his love for Bajor and his determination to not let it be conquered again. I think he also finally sheds some idealistic Starfleet values here and decides that whatever must be done to stop an enemy, must be done. Also, it’s nice to finally have the Defiant at the station… the series needed something to bolster it’s defences…

Cast and Crew


Avery Brooks as Benjamin Sisko

Nana Visitor as Kira Neyrs

Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax

Siddig El Fadil as Julian Bashir

Colm Meaney as Miles O’Brien

René Auberjonois as Odo

Armin Shimerman as Quark

Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko

Guest Cast

Salome Jens

Andrew Robinson

Natalija Nogulich

Martha Hackett

Kenneth Marshall

William Frankfather

Dennis Christopher

Teleplay By

Ira Steven Behr

Story By

Ira Steven Behr

Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Directed By

Jonathan Frakes

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