The Seventh

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Assigned to retrieve a high value Vulcan intelligence asset that’s gone rogue… T’Pol requests Archers company on the perilous mission, and she begins to recall the truth of her initial assignment.

The Trekzone Review

More evidence comes to light that T’Pol isn’t your typical Vulcan… she’s had a shady past and we find out in this episode that she’s also had her memory wiped.

You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover, or a person by what they insist is the truth…

Cast and Crew


Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer

Jolene Blalock as T’Pol

Connor Trinneer as Charles Tucker III

Dominic Keating as Malcolm Reed

John Billingsley as Phlox

Anthony Montgomery as Travis Mayweather

Linda Park as Hoshi Sato

Guest Cast

Stephen Mendillo

Story By

Rick Berman

Brannon Braga

Directed By

David Livingston

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