The Shipment

PROD # ENT 159
EP # 7
TZ Release: 04/11/2012
US Airdate: 29/10/2003
Stardate Unknown

Infiltrating a Xindi-Arborial industrial colony, Archer finds materials used in the weapon that attacked Earth. While a Xindi-Reptilian warship closes in, Archer enlists the aid of the colony’s leader…

The Trekzone Review

Finally some progress on the hunt for the Xindi super weapon, and Archer comes face to face with the manufacturers of the isotope that made the original probe so destructive.

I picked up some subtle references to uranium here, with them discussing various uses for kemocite (not just refined for use as a weapon.)

And yes, I have been banging on about morality here in the Expanse but this episode finally dealt with the issue rather than carrying on about it for several acts.

This episode did point out to me that the writers could’ve wrapped up the Xindi arc in 13 episodes and still have dealt with plenty of issues… but UPN needed something to rate so they stretched it to 24 – still twenty four great episodes, but we could’ve got some exploring done this season.

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