The Sound of Her Voice

PROD # DS9249
EP # 25
TZ Release: 04/01/2016
US Airdate: 10/06/1998
Stardate 51948.3

Following a convoy escort mission, the Defiant responds to the distress call of a Starfleet Captain marooned on an L-class world who’s barely able to breathe the poisonous atmosphere…

The Trekzone Review

This episode always tears me up more than the next. It’s a clich‚d story, we have to reach this person in X amount of time or they’ll die, but it’s been scripted and directed so delicately that you forget about the race to get to her and focus on her as she tells stories about her sister, her boyfriend from ages ago and then her questions about our crew… we know them all, but we don’t realise that they have problems – they’re falible, just like us.

Even now it’s a timely reminder to pause and look around you at your family, your friends… to cherish them, because they could be gone before you get the chance to bury the hatchet, or tell them how you feel.

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