The Survivor

EP # 06
TZ Release: 27/11/2013
US Airdate: 13/10/1973
Stardate 5143.3

The ship of noted Federation philanthropist, Carter Winston – missing for more than five years, is found damaged by a meteor swarm on the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone…

The Trekzone Review

The shortness of these episodes, or the writing, seems VERY rushed. The romantic interlude between Carter and his former fiancé was all over in about fifteen seconds… and then boom, we learn the truth about Carter within the first five minutes of the episode. Boy, there must be a helluva hook coming.

Then we were on the bridge and within ten seconds Kirk suspects he’s a threat to the crew. But, again… just like the other five episodes it brings you back in with a great hook and a bit of tension as well. And then it slaps you in the face again with the damsel-in-distress love interest…

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