The Vengeance Factor

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The Enterprise tries to stop “The Gatherers” – a group of Acamarians who refuse to accept peace – from raiding more research outposts.

The Trekzone Review

An episode about how a rogue group of people are still a group of people and that one groups freedom fighters are another’s terrorists. How about that twist at the end!

Cast and Crew


Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Jonathan Frakes as Will Riker

Gates McFadden as Beverley Crusher

Brent Spiner as Data

Levar Burton as Geordi LaForge

Michael Dorn as Worf

Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi

Guest Cast

Lisa Wilcox

Joey Aresco

Nancy Parsons

Stephen Lee

Story By

Sam Rolfe

Directed By

Timothy Bond

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