The Void

EP # 14
TZ Release: 20/12/2016
US Airdate: 14/02/2001

Sucked into a region of space devoid of stars, planets or any energy… Voyager is quickly attacked and drained of food and resources. Realising they need allies to survive, Janeway takes a page from the Federation Charter and creates an alliance between a few of the other ships stranded.

The Trekzone Review

We’re so close to the Alpha Quadrant we can almost taste it and here’s Janeway once again holding firm to the principles she cherishes so dearly… and of course she would, she swore an oath to Starfleet and rose through the ranks believing in those ideals and so far they’ve almost steered her clear of the most difficult assignment she’s been tasked with. I really wish, and it would’ve been very contrary to the Star Trek bible at the time, our Captain would’ve developed some shades of grey along the way… where the ends don’t always justify the means, but sometimes you’ve just got to push back to survive. (Archer did it in season three for example.)

There was never any serious doubt as to whether the ship and her crew would survive, the only interesting component this time was how they were going to get out of this one…

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