The Voyage Home

EP # 04
TZ Release: 26/06/2018
US Airdate: 26/11/1986
Stardate 8390.0

A mysterious alien probe enters orbit of Earth sending out a message that overpowers all technology. En route to Earth for court martial, Kirk and crew determine the message is intended for the humpback whale, long since extinct. To solve the problem, they travel back to 1986 to rescue a pair of whales…

The Trekzone Review

OK, easily the best of all the Star Trek movies, it ticks all the boxes with a healthy dose of humour, good pacing and excitement – with no discernible enemy in sight.

Stepping back in time to these movies, I’m sure several other franchise movies had a similar theme going on with continuing storylines – Star Wars of course springs to mind – but it’s a great way of continuing to tell stories with our cast of legendary officers. From the opening scene in the Federation Council where the belligerent Klingon Ambassador is demanding the extradition of Kirk to stand trial for the murder of the Klingon crew in the last movie we can tell that we’re not quite done with the Genesis project yet.

Sarek steps in and proves to us that while the Vulcans may not show a lot of emotion, they certainly are empathic and loving towards their family – and clearly Kirk and crew have made some sort of an impact on the Vulcan Ambassador otherwise he wouldn’t be standing here in their defence.

The whale probe, the time warp back to 1986, the double dumb ass on you and the punk on the bus… all combine to thrust the movie forward into where it wants to tell this story. Mind melding with Gracie, Scotty and the computer, the nuclear wessels… more great moments. Then there’s bringing Gillian back to the 23rd century, which is just thrown in there towards the end – whatever happened to her? Did she go on to see the population explode? How do the whales cope with only two of their kind to populate the planet? Sequel please!

Of course, with every series high, there has to be a series low – and in the original movie’s case… that’s the next one…

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