The War Without, The War Within

EP # 14
TZ Release: 06/02/2018
US Airdate: 04/02/2018

Back in the prime universe, the Discovery crew are faced with the harsh reality of arriving nine months later as the Klingons loom closer to Earth. In order to survive, Starfleet must implement unconventional tactics…

The Trekzone Review

So we’re back and we must deal with all the trouble that Lorca has caused, Burnham must come to terms with Voq/Tyler’s species reassignment procedure. Elsewhere, Saru comes into his own – finally – as the commanding officer of the ship AND we also learn about the preceeding nine months of the war. There was a good pace to this episode, especially given how much exposition had to be crammed in.

It’s an interesting quartet of plots that all converge together to continue this interesting new series. The inclusion of Jonathan Archer’s visits to Qo’nos was a nice touch and testament to the – sometimes too obvious – fan service.

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