The Xindi

PROD # ENT 153
EP # 1
TZ Release: 01/11/2012
US Airdate: 10/09/2003
Stardate Unknown

3 months into their mission to find the Xindi super-weapon, Archer and Tucker are guided to a mining colony where a Xindi is working… but when they are trapped by the mine foreman, it’s up to Reed and the new military contingent – the MACOs – to rescue the captain and chief engineer…

The Trekzone Review

What a start to season three! Despite many criticisms, this is Star Trek doing what Star Trek does best – putting real world sceanarios in a science fiction setting, and delving into the various aspects.

How far will Archer go to save Earth? Will Trip come to terms with the death of his sister? Will Reed and Major Hayes settle their differences? Where is the super weapon?

Lots of questions that will lead to more, and some answers over the next twenty three episodes!

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