Through the Valley of Shadows

EP # 12
TZ Release: 06/04/2019
US Airdate: 04/04/2019
Stardate 1048.66

A fourth red signal leads Discovery to the Klingon monastery on Boreth. There, Pike must face a life changing decision. Meanwhile, Burnham and Spock investigate a Section 31 ship that failed to make check in…

The Trekzone Review

The third last episode of Disco’s second season gives us a look at the monastery on Boreth and what the Klingons are actually doing there. It goes to a plot device in Voyager’s series finale that Klingons have time travel technology, so that was a nice link up. It was nice to have a L’Rell and Tyler moment as well, with Pike stuck in the middle of a brief argument a smiling moment.

Speaking of our Captain, boy oh boy was that a hellish vision he endured and accepted as his fate! We got to see so much of what he becomes in The Menagerie that it was a pivotal moment for the character – and a defining one. Plus, we also got to see that either the Bajoran Vedeks or these Klingon… err, monks? … copied each others homework on how to revere a certain object. Bajoran Orbs, or Time Crystals, they’re all glowly and sparkly I guess!

Meanwhile, for Burnham and Spock on the Section 31 ship… they really should’ve watched more Stargate episodes, especially the later seasons featuring the replicators! It was nice to see Kamran Gant once again as a tribute to the Shenzhou.

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