Time’s Arrow: Part II

EP # 01
TZ Release: 11/05/2015
US Airdate: 21/09/1992

Trapped in the 19th century, Picard, Riker, Crusher, Troi and LaForge try to find Data who is being pursued by one Samuel Clemens.

The Trekzone Review

And I’m back with The Next Generation after a two month break… and boy I’ve missed the realism of these HD copies, just so much better than the redo of The Original Series. As for this episode, it was a nice wrap up of the events that they left hanging for the season break.

Clemens’ viewpoint on the Federation when he first comes to the 24th century is an interesting take of the franchise… helping to cement some events in cannon and helping us to understand them just that little bit more. It’s also interesting to note that Clemens’ disappointed did not adversely affect the timeline.

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