Treachery, Faith and the Great River

PROD # DS9256
EP # 06
TZ Release: 17/06/2016
US Airdate: 04/11/1998
Stardate Unknown

Skeptical about the authenticity of a message supposeduly from a former Cardassian informant, Odo travels to barren moon to find Weyoun wanting to defect…

The Trekzone Review

Following up from Bashir’s episode previously, this time we find Odo having to confront the admiration his people’s subjects have for them. Jeffrey Combs delivered the performance of Weyoun 6 and 7 brilliantly, you truly got a sense that there was something different about 6 that wasn’t there in 5 (who we had met many times before) and now in 7.

Learning of the sickness afflicting the Great Link had a profound impact on Odo, even more than I think he would have imagined. At the end of the episode, holding the dying Weyoun 6 in his arms I think Odo finally embraced who he is.

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