Two Days and Two Nights

PROD # ENT 125
EP # 24
TZ Release: 26/09/2012
US Airdate: 15/05/2002
Stardate Feb 18 2152

Finally arriving at Risa for much deserved shore leave, Archer, Hoshi, Trip and Reed each have very different experiences on the pleasure planet…

The Trekzone Review

Three different stories from four of our senior staff… Archer, Malcolm and Trip and then there’s Hoshi, who decided to sleep with the first guy that spoke to her….

As for Archer, well he almost got it on with that Tandaran woman… hmm, sex-capades is abound whenever Starfleet visits Risa – wonder if they get a lecture about that? (Unless you’re Worf, in which case you take over the planet and disable the weather control net… more on that later.)

And speaking of sex-capades, Malcolm and Trip go to a basement with two alien females… only to be tied up in their undies by alien males.

Yeap, it’s an episode you’ve gotta see to believe. Alot can happen in Two Days and Two Nights!

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