EP # 17
TZ Release: 12/09/2015
US Airdate: 12/02/1997
Stardate 50614.2

Scouting the Nekrit Expanse, Chakotay and Ensign Kaplan pick up a Federation signal buoy on a planet. Investigating, they discover a colony who are hiding a disturbing secret and are being ravaged by conflict…

The Trekzone Review

Apparently we were still in the Nekrit Expanse and it needed to be charted, but that’s all over now and we’re heading into Borg space. This episode sets the tone for how our ruthless enemy will be portrayed in this series and if this is anything to go by it’s going to be awesome… (I mean, I know it is…)

The Borg developed layers of complexity here as we learn about former drones and their struggle to break free, meanwhile Torres alludes to what’s to come – an enemy more powerful than the Borg…

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