Vaulting Ambition

EP # 12
TZ Release: 29/01/2018
US Airdate: 21/01/2018
Stardate Unknown

As Burnham delivers a “gift” to Emperor Georgiou, Staments gains clarity from his counterpart in the mycelial netowkr and Saru seeks L’Rell’s help to cure Tyler…

The Trekzone Review

Episode three inside the mirror universe and we’re moving at a cracking pace compared to the Star Trek that came before, mainly because this is a fifteen episode season that’s 12 episodes old. We don’t have time to dilly dally around with throwaway plots, so onwards we move as Burnham faces her retribution in Emperor Georgeiou.

Elsewhere Saru takes charge and frees L’Rell to work her Klingon voodoo on Tyler as he tries to rip himself apart to seperate his Klingon and Human halves. I do wonder whether the Klingons underestimated the strength of will in Tyler (and indeed all humans – they certianly still do throughout the rest of Trek.) The plan here to get on board Discovery and learn her secrets is something that has been pushed to the side as Lorca’s plan takes front and center – I do wonder how that will pan out.

And speaking of Lorca’s plan, I don’t think agonisers were ever included in any of the steps… I think he saw the opportunity of getting on board the palace ship and changed tactics. It also lends credence to the belief that no one dare challenge the Emperor’s wishes because she explicitly states that she wants to kill Gabriel herself, so all that time spent in the agoniser (with Burnham’s anesthetic) was merely just an opportunity for the security staff to release some anger.

I questioned the reveal of our mirror counterparts being photosensitive given that this isn’t the first time we’ve been in this universe… but think back to all those previous episodes, I certainly don’t remember any brightly lit native ships and I remember mirror Archer squinting a lot on the Defiant‘s bridge so there is some weight to this.

Georgeiou’s instant about face when Burnham confesses the truth about where she comes from was a little quick I think especially given that there was nothing Michael had offered to make that decision – and she killed all of her lieutenants execpt for one! But maybe she was expecting access to more technology like the Defiant?

Anyone for Kelpian?

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