Will You Take My Hand

EP # 15
TZ Release: 13/02/2018
US Airdate: 11/02/2018
Stardate Unknown

Having jumped to Qo’nos, the Discovery hides in a cavern while Empress Georgiou, Specialist Burnham, Lieutenant Tyler and Cadet Tilly beam to an Orion settlement to discover the right location to launch the reconnaissance drone…

The Trekzone Review

Welcome to the season final of the first new Trek TV series in twelve years and it’s… well, it’s… convenient. We see Starfleet so desperate that they give the former Terran Emperor command of the most powerful ship in the fleet and she devises a plan to apparently launch a drone in the caverns of Qo’nos to map it’s military targets for assault forces.

But is this Starfleet so naive that they think a ruthless Terran would want to simply map the planet? Maybe they knew the real plan all along? Was Section 31 involved? Thankfully though it didn’t take too long for Burnham to work out the truth. Which leads into the next problem, why did the divided Klingon houses, who were so adament that unity is weakness, suddenly agree to unify and stop the fight? An explanation could be found in The Way of the Warrior, where Worf reminds Gowron that Kahless once said ‘…ending a battle to save an empire is no defeat.’

There were as many stand out moments as there were facepalming ones – at the start when Saru responds to Georgiou’s saying ‘a scared Kelpian makes a tough Kelpian’ with ‘I am unpalatable’ was great writing, Tilly high on the Orion drug was well played and equally awesome was the young Cadet acting as an arms dealer, using her learning curve in the Mirror Universe I’m sure. But then it’s shattered by the nightclub and it’s overly underdressed dancers, and Georgiou and the sex workers in bed it’s just… well, it honestly doesn’t bother me but it just seems to be an example of the show smacking us in the face that this is a totally different take on Star Trek.

Then the war’s over, the crew are commended and we’re back out in the galaxy with hope… on the way back to Vulcan we answer a distress call from… it’s the Enterprise! That ship is perfect for this timeframe, an example of reimagining done right. (And that end credit score.. bravo.)

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