Year of Hell: Part I

EP # 08
TZ Release: 28/10/2015
US Airdate: 05/11/1997

While the new Astrometrics Lab is activated, a Krenim Military Temporal scientist creates changes in the space-time continuum that all but destroy Voyager…

The Trekzone Review

Well, that one timeline that Kes visited last season is here… and everyone seems to have forgotten about the report she made about the Krenim and their weapons which leads to history repeating itself as the crew live through the Year of Hell. Seven of Nine continues to form a solid working relationship with Tuvok, Neelix is deputised and Chakotay grows a beard.

Kurtwood Smith is perfect casting as our villian for this two parter, his impassioned pleas to Chakotay throughout the second part have all the hallmarks of a madman with delusions of grandeur.

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