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Episode Reviews Are Moving

In an effort to streamline workflows and integrate the one brand on-line, I’ve decided to move the entire catalogue over to this site – and rename ‘1701NEWS’ back to News. As part of this move, all 740+ episodes and the 13 movies will be migrating across to this site over the coming weeks […]

Star Trek: Discovery

The Star Trek Discovery Story So Far

Star Trek Discovery is nine episodes old now, and for the first time in our history, the Trek Geeks and The Trekzone Spotlight have had fresh Trek to talk about. Excited, I reached out to one half of the Trek Geeks team – Dan Davidson – to chat about the new series, it’s haters, its […]

Random Episodes


Workforce: Part II

Recovering from her memory alteration, Torres rejoins Chakotay, Neelix, Kim and The Doctor on Voyager as they work to free to rest of the crew. Meanwhile on the planet, the investigation continues as Janeway heals Chakotay’s injuries…


Cease Fire

With Andorians and Vulcans locked in conflict over a barely habitable planet, Archer is called upon to mediate the century-old dispute. But not everyone is ready to accept a peace treaty…


Someone to Watch Over Me

While Tuvok and Janeway immerse themselves in Kadi culture, Neelix must aid a mischievious Ambassador Tomin. Meanwhile, The Doctor and Seven of Nine continue social lessons and the holographic Doctor begins to experience feelings of more than friendship with his pupil…

Star Trek

Patterns of Force

A Federation historian, missing for some time, is discovered by the Enterprise on planet Ekos where he has contaminated the cultural development of the people to resemble Nazi Germany…


Maps and Legends

After being turned down for a ship to command by Starfleet, Picard seeks out his former intelligence officer to aid in his search for Dahj’s sister.

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