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A Man Alone

DS9 104 | US RELEASE: 1993.01.17 | TZ RELEASE: 2013.03.21 | STARDATE: 46421.5


When one of Odo’s former detainees is found slaughtered, an angry mob demands justice…

The Trekzone Review

A classic who-dun-it, Star Trek style. This week’s character building episode goes to Odo… the first inklings that he worked with the Cardassians are laid her with Bajorans not approving of him holding the same position as before… and Quark defending him.

Speaking of that big eared Ferengi, as with Kira last week, we see that the Security Chief and the local “entrepRenéur” so despise each other that there is a strong respect shared between them. More evidence of how awesome this series will become…

The Trekzone Recap

We’re in the holosuite as Jadzia is focusing on a mind puzzle – a very big bubble. Bashir enters and tries his darndest to be a pain in the but by again asking her out… Dax sees a way to make him look like a fool, by getting him to try the puzzle, which he promptly fails. Sisko enters and takes Dax to dinner…

At the bar Odo and Quark are watching the people, especially the O’Briens who are arguing on the second level. Odo then talks about “coupling” and I dare say the writer inserted his own gripes with his wife about watching sport or listening to opera.

After pining for Dax as she exits the holosuite, Quark and Odo discuss her then he notices a Bajoran male at the gambling table. Odo walks up and roughs him up.

On the upper level, the O’Brien’s continue their argument… Miles offers to move, but Keiko doesn’t want that, they spot Jake up to mischief as he’s sent to fix another problem. Jake runs into Nog, and the two begin their unlikely friendship.

In Sisko’s office, Odo explains the Bajoran man he roughed up is named “Ibudan” who ran a ruthless black market on the station during the occupation. He then killed a Cardassian who wanted a bribe to look the other way. Odo sent him to jail, but he was released recently because killing a Cardassian isn’t a crime anymore…

After a tense moment where Sisko insists he can’t just remove people from the promenade, or indeed take the law into his own ands… Odo leaves. Meanwhile, in the holosuite Ibudan is enjoying a massage when a hand with a black glove stabs him in the back.

Back on the promenade, Nog and Jake release some bugs and Bashir whinges about Sisko and Dax… but she tells him that they are old friends. Then, those bugs the boys released infect two Bajorans at the replimat, who turn all sorts of colours. Jake and Nog are promptly nabbed by a security guard to the disapproving stare of Kaiko.

In the holodeck, we learn the door only opened twice and it was locked. No sign of a beam in, and the knife perforated the lower ventricle of the heart… meaning the killer knew the Bajoran anatomy.

In the O’Brien’s quarters, Keiko tells Miles about the escapade of the boys earlier and he suggests she become a teacher to give all kids structured activities and keep them out of trouble, a space station you see is no place for children. (Bit like how they shouldn’t be on a bridge… WESLEY!)

In Sisko’s office, Kira meets Mr Zaver who tells them that Ibudan was afraid of Odo. Aboard the docked Bajoran transport Odo has a look around at the double room… at the computer terminal Odo sees Ibudan’s itinerary which includes a note simply labelled “Odo.”

In Sisko’s quarters, Kaiko tells him that the kids need a school – and he agrees. In Ops, Kira and Odo discuss the case which he says is a nice package… the only person who could’ve gotten into the locked holosuite is a shape shifter. At Quarks, Keiko convinces Rom to let Nog attend.

At the bar, Mr. Zaver and some Bajorans build up gumption to storm the Constable, even after some back handed kind words from Quark. We then focus on an older Bajoran with a robe (seriously, robes… every one who doesn’t want to be seen wears a robe… Jedi much?)

Aboard the transport, Bashir is doing his best CSI impression (or did CSI pay homage to him?) He discovers something, and we’re back to Ops – where the mob demands Odo to be stood down, they are promptly dismissed. In the infirmary Bashir and Odo discuss the odd objects he discovered… Ibudan was conducting medical experiments.

Odo is summonded to Sisko’s office where he is relieved of the case, after saying he believes Odo didn’t commit the murder, the Constable says no one can be sure he didn’t do it… they don’t know him well enough.

Odo returns to a smashed up office, and after a heart-to-heart with Quark – who clearly has a professional respect for him. In the Infirmary, Bashir and Dax discover that Ibudan was working on a clone. And after falling into an invitation from Bashir, Sisko and he sit down at Quarks… where they witness everyone (including Morn) vacate the bar as Odo sits down.

After a little while, the Constable is followed back to his office by the mob… who throw abuse and a rock at the doors. Sisko talks them down, and then Bashir discovers that the clone was another Ibudan… then that means…

We’re back on the mysterious elderly gentleman who walks into his quarters aboard the transport… only to be surprised by Odo, who was a chair. After a struggle, Odo rips off a fake face to reveal … dun dun dunnnn the real Ibudan! Killing your clone is still murder Odo says as he marches him away.

So, with the A-plot resolved… it’s time to check in on our school. Keiko grows impatient as the minutes tick by. Then Sisko and Jake enter, followed by Nog and Rom… and a few other stragglers.

Structured activity indeed.
The end.

Cast and Crew

Avery Brooks as Commander Sisko
Nana Visitor as Major Kira
Terry Farrell as Lieutenant Dax
Siddig El Fadil as Doctor Bashir
Colm Meaney as Chief O’Brien
René Auberjonois as Odo
Armin Shimerman as Quark
Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko

Guest Cast:
Rosalind Chao
Max Grodénchik
Aron Eisenerg
Edward Laurence Albert
Peter Vogt
Stephen James Carver
Tom Klunis

Teleplay By:
Michael Piller

Written By:
Gerald Sanford and Michael Piller

Directed By:
Paul Lynch

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