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DS9 108 | US RELEASE: 1993.02.13 | TZ RELEASE: 2013.03.24 | STARDATE: 46910.1


After an attempt to extradict Dax by kidnapping her fails, a hearing is conveaned to determine the fate of the science officer… who faces a death sentence over charges brought against Curzon of treason and murder thirty years earlier…

The Trekzone Review

From D.C. Fontana – of The Original Series comes another who-dun-it Trek style.. this time we focus on a hearing aboard the station occassionally checking in with Odo as he heads planet side to investigate the truth. One of the stand outs of the first season.

The Trekzone Recap

In the replimat, Dax and Bashir are looking over the schematics for the refiltration processes… the Doctor noting that the system must’ve just been waiting for the Chief to leave (he’s back on Earth with Keiko celebrating his mother-in-law’s 100th birthday.)

Meanwhile, in the shadows a couple of aliens look at Dax through a wall grate. They follow her as she heads for her quarters (again, guys with cloakes!) Bashir, dispondent that Dax rebuffs his offer to escort her to her quarters, realises that she didn’t actually say no.

In a corridor, Bashir arrives as the group of aliens grab her… he launches one helluva punch on the group leader but falls over too. He’s out cold, and she’s dragged away.

In Ops, Kira and Sisko notice a residual charge in the graviton generator… it’s nothing to worry about but they run a diagnostic just to be sure. Bashir stirs and informs them of the hostage situation.

Sisko locks down the station, asking her where she is (seriously, internal sensors only go for the comm badge!?) The group seem to know a lot about the station layout, and probably the speed of the runabouts. Kira checks out ships with a high warp capability, which should help narrow down where they are going.

Odo orders security to the docking ring as they crack the security around airlock five. While Sisko notes that the charge in the graviton generator has caused the tractor beam to go down. But, after speeding up the bleed off process they capture the ship and tractor it back to the docking ring.

It’s only now that we learn what’s behind all of this… Ilon Tandro, special envoy from Klaystron IV who has a valid warrant for Dax’s extradition for murder and treason.

Odo looks into the warrant, and along with Sisko, confirms that Curzon was the host at the time. He allegedly betrayed government forces to the rebels during a civil war, which led to the death of General Tandro (Ilon’s father – no conflict of interest or anything…)

Sisko goes to talk to Dax who says nothing, a frustrated Sisko leaves. In Ops Tandro, Kira and Sisko discuss the way he handled the extradition… Kira notes the Klaystrons are close allies of the Cardassians and that’s probably how they know the station.

Sisko notes that while there is an extradition treaty between the Federation and Klaystron IV there is nothing between them Bajor, that’s why they tried to surreptitiously abduct Dax. Sisko, with Kira’s backing, demands a hearing before he hands her over.

After some coercion from Odo, Quark offers the use of his establishment for the hearing. The Bajoran Arbitrator hears opening statements from each party, Sisko notes that even though Trill live many lives, each time a symbiont receives a new host they become a new person – hence, with Curzon’s death, the warrant calls for someone who no longer exists. And with that, the hearing begins… Dax doesn’t seem overly happy about that.

Odo travels to Klaystron IV to dust off the evidence. He mets with Tandro’s widow, who tells him what the public know to be the truth… and that after investigating Ilon has determined the whereabouts of four of the five people who knew of the General’s movements the night he was killed. Curzon being the only one unaccounted for.

After hearing evidence from a Trill expert and Doctor Bashir about brainwave patterns and memories and traits carrying over from host to host… Sisko takes the stand and tells us about Curzon, a drinker, womaniser… not at all like Jadzia. But he taught Sisko to appreciate life, he was a good honourable man. The Arbitrator calls a recess.

Odo, on subspace, tells Sisko about communications between Dax’s office on Klaystron IV and General Tandro’s home, while he was away. Turns out that Curzon and Mrs. Tandro were having an affair and he was at the Tandro home the night the communication was sent to the rebels.

On the station, Mrs. Tandro tells the hearing the truth and the case is dismissed. The two old friends walk along the promenade reminiscing.

Cast and Crew

Avery Brooks as Commander Sisko
Nana Visitor as Major Kira
Terry Farrell as Lieutenant Dax
Siddig El Fadil as Doctor Bashir
Colm Meaney as Chief O’Brien
René Auberjonois as Odo
Armin Shimerman as Quark
Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko

Guest Cast:
Gregory Itzin
Anne Haney
Richard Lineback
Fionnula Flannagan

Teleplay By:
D.C. Fontana
and Peter Allan Fields

Story By:
Peter Allan Fields

Directed By:
David Carson

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