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A New Trek TV Series?

Bob Orci just told me they’ve had a meeting with CBS to revive @StarTrek on TV…This made me v excited — Joe Michalczuk (@joemichalczuk) October 8, 2013 Piqued by this

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Welcome to the tenth year of Australia’s first Star Trek fan site. A Brief History: It was a Thursday like any other, I assume (the memory isn’t too flash these

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More behind the scenes action has been happening since I last posted on the site. This week was spent in spreadsheets upon spreadsheets and reviews upon reviews… I’ve been trying

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And The Nominees Are…

The 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards is a livestream event recognising inde film makers around the world who have combined their interest in film making with their passion for Star Trek and produced short films released for free typically on YouTube.

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