Season 1

Episode TitleProd #Ep #TZ ReleaseAvailableStardate
The Motion Picture MOV01 1x01 23/06/2018 7410.2
The Wrath of Kahn MOV02 1x02 24/06/2018 8130.3
The Search for Spock MOV03 1x03 25/06/2018 8210.3
The Voyage Home MOV04 1x04 26/06/2018 8390.0
The Final Frontier MOV05 1x05 27/06/2018 8454.1
The Undiscovered Country MOV06 1x06 16/07/2019 9521.6

Season 2

Episode TitleProd #Ep #TZ ReleaseAvailableStardate
Generations MOV07 2x01 17/07/2019 48650.1
First Contact MOV08 2x02 18/07/2019 50893.5
Insurrection MOV09 2x03 19/07/2019 Unknown
Nemesis MOV10 2x04 20/07/2019 56844.9

Season 3

Episode TitleProd #Ep #TZ ReleaseAvailableStardate
Star Trek MOV11 3x01 21/07/2019 2258.4
Into Darkness MOV12 3x02 22/07/2019 Unknown
Beyond MOV13 3x03 23/07/2019 Unknown

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