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New Water Found on Mars & Artemis is On Track : Talkin’ Science

It's Tuesday September 29 2020. This is Talkin' Science. Detailed images emerge of M-87's heart, a supermassive black hole,

Bacteria Survives in Space as We Learn Earth Could’ve Been a Water World!

New research out this week points to bacteria being able to survive the trip to Mars, and back plus

Dragon Launches

Following a delayed launch into orbit, astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are now on board the International Space

Dragon Launches as Starship Explodes : Talkin’ Science

What a monumental weekend of crewed spaceflight we've just experienced, as America continues to show us the dichotomy it

Tom Cruise is Heading to the Space Station

Known for his daredevil stunts that help push the audience into a massive sense of disbelief, actor Tom Cruise

Expedition to the ISS Under Unique Circumstances

As the world continues to be locked down by Coronavirus, mission critical objectives are being completed for the International

50 Years Since Apollo 13 as Moon Mining Becomes a Thing : Talkin’ Science

The Trekzone Brad-a-thon continues as our Talkin' Science co-host is our guest all week here on Trekzone, as the

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