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50 Years After Apollo 11

Episode #174 Brad and I discuss Japan's magnificent effort to successfully land on an asteroid - again... India's delayed effort

A Big Week For NASA As An Exo Planet Gives Up Some Secrets

Episode #171 Brad's Talkin' Science. Our headlines today - NASA donates an official copy of the telemetry and transmissions for

Drones on Titan, Chasing Comets and Finding Neutron Stars!

Episode #166 Brad's here with the space and science headlines of the week - including NASA's #Dragonfly mission to Saturn's

Story Telling at NASA as Humanity Prepares to Return to the Moon

Liz Landau is one of those folks who has a cool job... she's a story teller at NASA's Jet

Cassini’s Final Images While A Meteorite Strikes Above Queensland

We Talk Science on Tuesday's here at Trekzone HQ when our favourite astrophysicist dials in to chat about the

Talkin’ Science – Week 25 2019

Astrophysicist Brad Tucker spends his days gazing upon the cosmos, wondering - among other things - how, where and

Visit The Space Station For A Month!

Episode #160 NASA has announced the International Space Station will open for space tourism as early as next year, with

The Asteroid Drill We All Failed And Look! It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane… It’s The Eta Aquariids!

It's time for Talkin' Science! https://youtu.be/yn2o3-ba12A We All Failed An "Asteroid Impact" Drill Last week, space agencies around the world decided to

A Marsquake, A Cryptic Tweet & Swirling Plasma

It's Tuesday evening in Australia, which means it's time for Talkin' Science with Dr. Brad Tucker.  This week we're

Poo on the Moon and Methane on Mars

It's Tuesday here on Trekzone - which means it's time for an episode of the new weekly podcast Talkin

Talkin’ Science Premieres

Brad's here for the premiere episode of Talkin' Science! A new weekly podcast from Australia's FIRST Star Trek fan

New Podcast Alert

I'm about to double Trekzone's weekly podcast offering to the world... starting on Tuesday cosmologist and astrophysicist Dr. Brad

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