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Star Trek: Eternal Night
2011 - 2014

The fan film guidelines released in 2017 dictate that Star Trek be excluded from the title - however Eternal Night was completed before they were introduced and are not 'grandfathered', so I have made the decision to retain the original title.

The Eternal Night story begins in 2406 as Ensign Evie Cunningham starts her fourth year at Starfleet Academy. Seven “log entries” were written and voiced to provide a 3rd person account of this twenty year old human as she learns about an historical event where her mother was killed because of her father’s choice to continue “the mission.”

We flash back to 2013 Australia for the “season one” finale – which is a 40 minute news bulletin with a whole bunch of storylines that were intended for use as B-plots in the second season. One of the major plots in the bulletin was a “Colonel Green” who was a prominent figure in the Eugenics Wars as detailed in Enterprise and The Original Series.

Season two changed from being a live action production to an audio drama and therefore underwent a complete rewrite to take advantage of the ability to actually be in the 24th century. In the first episode Evie has used some temporal device (bought from a Ferengi) to travel back in time and witness the events leading to her mothers death…
  Prod # Ep # Released Available     Stardate  
Captain's Personal Log ETN 01 1x01 11.01.12 High Definition!
Screencaps     83028.8
Cadet Review File ETN 02 1x02 25.01.12 High Definition!
Screencaps     83045.9  
VALE: Grounskeeper Boothby ETN 03 1x03 15.02.12 High Definition!
Screencaps     83067.2  
Commandant's Personal Log: Part I ETN 04 1x04 22.02.12 High Definition!
Screencaps     83069.2  
Commandant's Personal Log: Part II ETN 05 1x05 07.03.12 High Definition!
Screencaps     83087.9  
Commandant's Personal Log: Part III ETN 06 1x06 21.03.12 High Definition!
Screencaps     83103.5  
Psychiatric File: Cadet Cunningham ETN 07 1x07 02.05.12 High Definition!
Screencaps     83574.5  
Five Late News ETN 08 1x08 20.12.12 High Definition!
Screencaps     Dec 19 2012  
  Prod # Ep # 1st Release Available 2nd Release Available Stardate  
Investigations ETN 09 2x01 27.10.14 High Definition!
Screencaps 01.12.17 High Definition!
Revelations ETN 10 2x02 10.11.14 High Definition!
Screencaps 08.12.17 High Definition!
Consequences ETN 11 2x03 17.11.14 High Definition!
Screencaps 15.12.17 High Definition!
Omega ETN 12 2x04 24.11.14 High Definition!
Screencaps 22.12.17 High Definition!
Allegiances ETN 13 2x05 29.12.17 High Definition!
Realisation ETN 14 2x06 05.01.18 High Definition!
Beachhead ETN 15 2x07 12.01.18 High Definition!
Caution ETN 16 2x08 19.01.18 High Definition!
Missing ETN 17 2x09 26.01.18 High Definition!
Checkmate ETN 18 2x10 02.02.18 High Definition!

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