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Ten years after the Dominion War, the Federation has been irrevocably changed... the utopian dream is no longer a reality. The Klingons continue to maintain a stranglehold on Cardassian worlds annexed during the war, the Romulans are rumoured to be experimenting with stars while their population starves and the Federation Council has become a timid collection of diplomats, unwilling to interfere in any foreign matters.

Meanwhile, a heavily armed starbase along the Romulan Neutral Zone is attacked following the appearance of a Federation shuttlecraft leading Captain Mackenzie to suspect the pilot, who claims to be from the future... and his daughter...
Vito De Francesco as Captain Mackenzie
Jeremy Levi
as Commander Rixx
Sarah McKellar
as Commander Cunningham
Rós D'Arcy as Lt. Commander Harvey
Alenxandra Wilson as Lieutenant Sarah Wells
Tessa Carmody as Ensign Evie Cunningham
Special Guest Star:
James Horan as Chodak Prime
Doug Drexler as Chodak Elder

Guest Star:
Richard Mellick
Alla Hand
Lloyd Johnston

Paula White

Teleplay By:
David Milne
Written and Directed By:
Matthew Miller
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