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Taking A Stand

Trekzone has joined many of it's fellow Star Trek fan websites and podcasts by donating $47. While America is currently

Mission Profile: SpaceX’s Demo-2

Officially designated Demo-2, this mission is a significant step forward for Elon Musk's SpaceX. Not only will it be

A Look at Star Trek Fan Films Today

For almost two decades, Star Trek fan films have been entertaining a niche market of Trekkies around the world.

Fan Films Live Here

Australia's unofficial home of Star Trek has been podcasting for five years and eleven months and in that time

EDITORIAL: The Star Trek Fan Film Conundrum

I've long been a champion of true fan films set in our beloved universe - hosting numerous Fan Film

Caveat Emptor: Axanar Calls for Donations To Keep The Lights On – Again

I might've left the daily fight behind, but I'm still keeping across all the developments of the fan film

What If?

Bear with me on this Sunday afternoon... as I ponder a question that's been swirling in my brain since

Reflecting on the Axanar Fan’s Perspective Podcast

Well, it's been about half an hour since the third and final installment in the Jonathan Lane interview was

Straight From James Cawley

I was writing an Op Ed collating all of the comments on last week's post when I decided to

The Fan Appreciation Weekend That Wasn’t Appreciated By Some

When the fan film guidelines dropped in 2016, Star Trek: Continues was already on the path to wrapping it's

EDITORIAL: The Benevolent And All-Seeing Eye

One of the last takeaways from the Axamonitor Facebook group for me, as briefly mentioned in my previous post,

EDITORIAL: Why I Left The Daily Axanar Fight Behind

It feels like a long time coming, but today it finally happened. I put myself out there in the

EDITORIAL: For $91 You Can Join A Party At Alec’s Place…

Axamonitor has today revealed the itinerary of the "convention within a convention" cleverly titled "Axacon" - and what a

EDITORIAL: One Week On And Still No Lawsuit…

A week ago, I posted about a Kuwati-based game developer who had filed a lawsuit against CBS Broadcasting.  Now,

CBS “Promised” To “Stop Using Tardigrades”

A YouTuber has weighed into the Tardigrades dispute with a video posted yesterday on their channel. Ketwolski is an advocate

EDITORIAL: “Tardigrades” Lawsuit Has Little Hope

The lawsuit filed this morning has little hope of making it to the jury trial nor being granted the

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